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Charge your portable two-way radio alongside your smartphone using the micro USB port on a Good 2 Go battery.

Use any micro USB cable to charge your two-way radio via Good 2 Go's patented built-in charger, and still have the option to charge it conventionally with a standard desktop or vehicle charger.

Micro USB or standard charger

Don’t get caught in a situation where you need it and don’t have it.

Move between multiple vehicles and locations with the freedom to charge your two-way radio anywhere.

Maintain emergency communications during power outages and events by using a portable USB power bank — or even the remaining power from a laptop battery — to charge your Good 2 Go battery and keep your two-way radio on the air.

Vehicle USB port or cigarette plug adapter. Portable USB power bank or laptop. Desk or tabletop. Off-site locations.

Keep a spare Good 2 Go battery charged — even when your radio is hogging the drop-in charger.

Your radio probably spends a lot of time in the only available desktop or vehicle charger, so keeping a conventional spare battery charged at all times could be tricky and tiresome.

Conveniently keep a spare Good 2 Go battery charged and ready to use — at your desk, on foot, or on the road — without the need to buy or install another bulky charger.

100% good to go when you need it.
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