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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to license my professional LMR two-way radios with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)?
These are professional land mobile radios that don't operate on the same small set of broadcast frequencies that all off-the-shelf walkie talkies and consumer-grade two-way radios are constricted to using. (Imagine relying on consumer-grade two-way radios for your important daily business operations and having the neighborhood kids transmitting on the same frequencies with their store-bought walkie talkies.)

Licensing your own unique frequencies helps to prevent you and potentially multiple users in the same area from using the same frequencies, interrupting each other's communications and potentially causing serious conflicts.

For these and other reasons, the FCC legally requires your professional radios to operate on licensed frequencies. The FCC does the necessary work in making sure that two-way radio users have solid communications at all times where they need uninterrupted and reliable service. Learn more about licensing at fcc.gov.

What's the difference between "FCC License Fees" and "Administrative Fees"?
FCC License Fees, as the name suggests, are fees collected for and payable to the FCC.

Administrative Fees are fees charged by Voceon to complete the FCC license filing process on a customer's behalf.

Are there penalties for using my professional LMR radios without an FCC license?
Yes. Voceon is completely separate from the FCC and does not report your radio purchases; however, if a user is caught operating on non-licensed frequencies they may face, e.g., high fines from the FCC. 

How do I license my LMR radios with the FCC?
Each new radio purchase on the Voceon Store automatically offers FCC licensing options at the checkout.

What can I expect after I've completed my purchase and submitted my short FCC licensing form?
A Voceon associate will be in contact with you to follow up with any additional questions required for filing your request with the FCC shortly after your order is completed.

Which connector type do I need for accessories for my devices/radios?
Click here to learn more.

How can I increase the range of my LMR two-way radios?
Contact us to discuss a custom solution for your specific requirements. 

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